Surviving Microsoft Office:

The Problem:

While many of our students are Facebook masters, they lack some basic skills. They could friend you from their phone in eight second flat, but ask them to make a piece of text bold or to spell check a document, and you get blank stares. The digital native stereotype of the digital native who was born knowing all about computers simply doesn't apply.

The Setting

My typing class (could anything be more boring?)

The Idea

Use Minecraft to teach students about word processing, document formatting, and a host of other skills that many of us take for granted and assume students already have.

The Strategy

Students will learn to play Minecraft on Survival Mode. This means that Minecraft is a bit more like a traditional game in the sense that players have health and can die. The objective is usually as simple as surviving. As they learn to play from a set of tutorial videos that I create, they will produce a large survival guide document. The document will be made primarily in Microsoft Word, but will link to PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher files. The document will serve as a reference, as well as, helping them learn essential skills.

The Tutorial Videos

The Map and World Seed

The Survival Guide