Potential seeds for our Minecraft World:

Feel free to add great seeds to the list. I'm using a free program called MCMapDZ to create the maps seen below.

Devin and Alex choose these as seeds (Mr. Eames' comments below):

Interesting choice, guys. Seems like the main draw is the abundance of ores. Since we'll be using mostly creative mode, I'm not sure this would much of a benefit.
Another interesting one. The ravines are very cool, but do they lend themselves to building?
Same as the one above with the ravines.
Mostly desert.
This one has potential. Check out the map below.


I simply love the "floating mountains" on this map. There is also a really nice waterfall, but it is far away from the spawn point. I'm thinking there's probably too much water to make this a great choice.


floating mountain render.jpg

I am in love with this SEED. The mountains are beautiful. It also offers a nice balance of land and water. Check it out: